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Trimmer Llygad Trydan
Trimmer Llygad Trydan
Trimmer Llygad Trydan
Trimmer Llygad Trydan

Trimmer Llygad Trydan


Double-head design, rounded blades, gently remove excess hair, retractable knife, safe isolation, only shave hair without hurting the skin; knife holder release button, easy to remove and clean the knife head, easy to replace, can trim eyebrows, face, ear roots , Hairline, arms, fingers, calves and other extra fine hair, so that you who are pursuing perfection will show your natural beauty. It is equipped with a confident, beautiful, stylish, and exquisite pen-like design. It is light, compact and easy to carry.
This product adopts a rechargeable design, which is safe and practical. energy saving

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deunydd ABS + Dur Di-staen
lliw Black&grey       White&champagne golden
Maint y Cynnyrch (uned:mm ) 132 * * 15 13  
Pwysau cynnyrch/darn 21g                           
Maint blwch (uned: mm) 75 * * 154 36         
Pwysau (blwch + cynnyrch) 141g          
pecyn blwch + pothell + llawlyfr defnyddiwr
Nifer / carton 50pcs
Maint carton (uned : mm) 405 * * 330 260
CBM 0.035
NW / GW N.W: 7 kg      G.W: 8 kg          
MOQ 300 1000     3000     5000
Dyddiad dosbarthu ffatri  Diwrnod 35
Cyflenwad pŵer (Amser codi tâl, foltedd, amser defnyddio) amser Codi Tâl:2H      defnyddio amser:> 1H      foltedd:DC3.7V USB  Cable 
Man Origin Tsieina
enw brand Prydferthwch Pysgotwr
Telerau talu T/T, LC
cyflenwad gallu 10000pcs / mis
Sylw Stock with logo