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Dyfais colli corff RF uwchsain
Dyfais colli corff RF uwchsain
Dyfais colli corff RF uwchsain
Dyfais colli corff RF uwchsain

Dyfais colli corff RF uwchsain


1. 300,000 times per second of ultrasonic high-frequency vibration, instantly wake up muscle bottom cells, improve cell metabolism, promote the decomposition of fat mass, and dredge lymph nodes.
2. The powerful RF radio frequency function acts on the dermis layer of the skin to cause a high-heat effect, which then increases fat burning.
3. Energy red light with a wavelength of 625nm has the characteristics of high purity, strong light energy and uniform energy density, which activates skin cells and promotes cell metabolism.
4. Mechanical vibrations shrink collagen fibers, accelerate fat decomposition, and effectively reduce stubborn fat.
5. Unique zinc alloy massage head, excellent touch, equipped with LED high-definition smart display, simple and easy-to-use operation mode.
6. Adopt humanized design concept, precise internal structure and perfect appearance of light luxury, bring the ultimate body shaping experience.
7. USB charging, durable, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

deunydd ABS & Zinc alloy
lliw White&pink&champagne golden
Maint y Cynnyrch (uned:mm ) 90 * * 90 110    
Product weight / piece 296g 
Box size  (unit:mm) 200 * * 150 104   
Weight (box +product) 660g   
pecyn Box+pearl wool+user manual
Quantity / carton 10pcs
Carton size  (unit : mm) 535 * * 315 221
CBM 0.037
NW / GW N.W: 6.5 kg   G.W: 7.5 kg          
MOQ 300    1000     3000     5000
Factory delivery date  Diwrnod 35
Power supply  (Charging time, voltage, use time) amser Codi Tâl:2.5H          defnyddio amser:> 1H        Plug: National Standard, European Standard, American Standard, British Standard        Maximum noise<65DB     USB  Cable 
Man Origin Tsieina
enw brand Fisherman Beauty
ardystio Patent number:201430294521.3
Telerau talu T/T ,LC
cyflenwad gallu 10000pcs / month