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Deis colli pwysau corff EMS 3-mewn-1
Deis colli pwysau corff EMS 3-mewn-1

Deis colli pwysau corff EMS 3-mewn-1


1. Use Ultrasonic Sonic (ultrasound) to activate cell tissue, promote the benign circulation of blood and lymph, stimulate the skin, and increase the secretion movement within the skin. Begin care from the deep subcutaneous layer. It can significantly improve wrinkles, stains, acne, sagging and other skin problems.
 2. EMS low-frequency: simulating human hammering, massage, kneading, acupuncture and tightening, using micro-current massage. In this mode, the current beam stimulates the muscles to make them move passively. Muscle exercise will consume fat, sugar and carbohydrates in surrounding tissues. During normal exercise, muscles consume about 60-70 joules of energy per second, but muscles that exercise at high frequencies can reach 3000-4000 joules per second, so as to achieve the effect of slimming.
3. Far-infrared rays: The carbon fiber bundle around the probe emits 12-micron wave-band far-infrared light, which can penetrate deep into the skin, accelerate blood circulation, improve skin vitality, activate cells, and strengthen metabolism.

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deunydd chwiliwr dur gwrthstaen ABS + 304
lliw Gwyn
Maint y Cynnyrch (uned:mm ) 195 * 80 * 54mm 
Pwysau cynnyrch/darn 181g
Maint blwch (uned: mm) 160 * 67 * 220mm
Pwysau (blwch + cynnyrch) 421.2g
pecyn box+blister+user manual     Accessories     Electrode sheet*4, electrode wire*1
Quantity/carton 30PCS
Maint carton (uned : mm) 50 46 * * 35.7CM
CBM 0.082
NW / GW NW:12.6kg
GW: 13.45kg
MOQ dim moq
Dyddiad dosbarthu ffatri  7-14days
Cyflenwad pŵer (Amser codi tâl, foltedd, amser defnyddio) Power: DC I5V 500mA
Man Origin Tsieina
enw brand Prydferthwch Pysgotwr
Telerau talu T/T, LC
cyflenwad gallu 10000pcs / mis