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Dyfais Harddwch Gwresogi RF
Dyfais Harddwch Gwresogi RF
Dyfais Harddwch Gwresogi RF
Dyfais Harddwch Gwresogi RF

Dyfais Harddwch Gwresogi RF


Improve 6 problems: deep cleaning, improve oil production, nutrition importion, improve blackheads, tighten pores, tender&brightening skin.
The ultrasonic vibration opens pores, awakens the skin from the muscle bottom, breaks the pore plug, exports the dirt.
Positive and negative ion beauty apparatus,adopts the principle of positive and negative ion transformation and infrared ray technology, expands pores through far infrared ray, negative ion absorbs dirt such as oil, dust in polluted air, cosmetic residues and etc. Positive ions penetrates into deep skin & combine the nutrients with the deep skin cells.

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Foltedd codi tâl:                                           5V                   
pŵer Rated:                                                2.5W                    
Paramedr batri:                         3.7V / 500mAh       
Amser codi tâl:                                     3HR Bare 45*48*151mm 285g Color box: 18*10.5*6cm                
Pecyn pwysau:                                     14kg              
Pacio:    50 darn / blwch