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Dyfais Harddwch Radiofrequency Golau Coch
Dyfais Harddwch Radiofrequency Golau Coch
Dyfais Harddwch Radiofrequency Golau Coch
Dyfais Harddwch Radiofrequency Golau Coch

Dyfais Harddwch Radiofrequency Golau Coch


Nodwedd Cynnyrch
1. Efficacy: firm skin, relieve wrinkles, lighten skin texture, restore elasticity, suitable for users of all ages.
2. Bipolar focused radio frequency, 4mm deep into the skin, three metal radio frequency heads. There are a total of 3 gears, divided into low-end, mid-end and high-end. You can manually adjust the corresponding gear according to your skin's bearing capacity.
3. 635nm red energy light irradiation function, heating the dermis, stimulate collagen proliferation. Combined with RF radio frequency, it fully heats the bottom layer of the skin to 52~55 degrees and tightens the deep skin. <Red light bead specification Ø3, quantity 16 pcs>
4. Skin contact sensing light output function. When any two or three of the three radio frequency heads touch the skin at the same time, the red light will automatically light up, and after leaving the skin, the red light will automatically turn off.
5. Intelligent temperature control function, monitor the skin temperature to prevent burns, set the critical temperature of the skin to 42~43℃, when the temperature is too high, the instrument will automatically stop heating, and the instrument can work again after the temperature drops. ( When the epidermal temperature is 43 degrees, the dermis temperature can reach 50 degrees or more)
6. Applicable range: forehead, cheeks, chin, upper lip, neck, nose, cheeks, decree and eye area. ·Red light: repair skin and increase elasticity
·RF radio frequency: improve firmness, diminish fine lines and improve puffiness
·43℃, lock young skin
·3 levels of adjustment, suitable for a variety of skin types
·Zone care, everything

deunydd ABS+PC+metallic
lliw Gwyn
Maint y Cynnyrch (uned:mm ) 167 * 45 * 43mm
Pwysau cynnyrch / darn 130g
Maint blwch (uned: mm) 220 * 140 * 43mm
Pwysau (blwch + cynnyrch) 620g
pecyn blwch + pothell + llawlyfr defnyddiwr
MOQ 1k-5k
Dyddiad dosbarthu ffatri  Diwrnod 35
Cyflenwad pŵer (Amser codi tâl, foltedd, amser defnyddio) amser Codi Tâl:4H       defnyddio amser:>2H     voltage:DC3.7V    USB  Cable 
Man Origin Tsieina
enw brand Prydferthwch Pysgotwr
Telerau talu T/T, LC
cyflenwad gallu 10000pcs / mis